Traffic Management at the Facility

Another interesting aspect of the recycling plant is the process set up to manage the flow of traffic. On an average there would be 3,500 trucks a day on site, forming 3 distinct traffic flow zones to bring in time and cost efficiencies. The traffic flow has been designed such that the incoming traffic is isolated from the outgoing traffic, ensuring free movement and minimum delay.


Incoming Traffic:
Approximately 2,500 trucks a day are expected to bring in the CDW. On entering the facility, the trucks are diverted into pre-designated dumping areas. Segregation of trucks according to the material carried by them is done in a scientific manner to optimize the recycling process. The key lies in optimizing the time spent by the trucks inside the facility.

Outgoing Traffic:
Once the trucks have deposited their material and the weighing process is completed, they take the shortest route to the exit from the facility and back to the highway.