The Al Rostamani Group is highly committed to the Emiratisation drive and has been recruiting UAE Nationals of the highest calibre and supporting them with a successful professional career path plan over the years.

The Al Rostamani group has a diverse range of career options and training opportunities which identifies local talent, nurtures and rewards them through training, mentorship and professional development to ensure the active promotion of UAE nationals with attractive remuneration packages. The group, based in the UAE established itself in the Arabian Gulf and internation.

The Group, based in the UAE has established itself in the Arabian Gulf and internationally during a solid 50 year period of expansion and development, and comprises of the following companies:

      1.    Abdulla Al Rostamani Properties L.L.C
      2.    Al Rostamani Building Materials L.L.C
      3.    Al Rostamani Capital L.L.C
      4.    Al Rostamani Communications L.L.C
      5.    Al Rostamani Enterprises L.L.C
      6.    Al Rostamani Global Solution L.L.C
      7.    Al Rostamani Industries L.L.C
      8.    Al Rostamani International Exchange.
      9.    Al Rostamani Pegel L.L.C
    10.    Al Rostamani Trading Company L.L.C
    11.    Al Rostamani Travels Company L.L.C
    12.    Central Trading Company L.L.C
    13.    Dubai International Securities L.L.C
    14.    Emirates Electrical Engineering L.L.C
    15.    Emirates Recycling L.L.C United Diesel L.L.C

Career opportunities

    • Customer Service
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Human Resource
    • Management
    • Travel and Tourism
    • Finance & IT
    • Engineering
    Training and Development

    Al Rostamani Group's Training and Development helps to enhance all employees' competence through increasing their knowledge and skills to ensure adequate supply of efficient manpower for the operational requirements. This reflects the company's policy of attracting, recruiting and retaining employees of high calibre.