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Our Campaigns

  • May 17,2011

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  • Apr 05,2011

    Building of our infrastructure

    Nobody knew then what lay in store; the development of our vast oil resources, the birth of a nation, the building of our infrastructure, the swift growth of our economy. This bright future was yet to unfold when, in 1954, my brother Abdul Wahed and I established the Al-Ahliya Library, Dubai's first bookshop. It was also our first undertaking as entrepreneurs. Several years later, we started a general trading company that would eventually become Al Rostamani Group

  • world beyond our sandy shores
    Jun 07,2011

    world beyond our sandy shores

    'We knew little of the world beyond our sandy shores and clear blue waters. The World knew even less of the people of the Arabian Gulf'. The words of the late Chairman and Founder, Mr. Abdulla Hassan Al Rostamani.