Benefits of Recycling CDW

Traditionally most construction waste would go into landfills, with substantial environmental and economic costs.


Cost of Waste Disposal: Areas for dumping into landfills are getting further away from the city and the costs of collecting, sorting, transporting and eventual disposal of waste has increased substantially.
·         Saving new Resources: The natural sources for sand, rock and gravel are being depleted rapidly. With reduced supply, comes cost escalation for the raw materials as well as for transporting them from greater distances.
·         Management of landfills: Land availability is limited and using it for land fill is not the most optimal use of land. Landfills have to be carefully managed so as not to adversely impact ground water or cause hazardous waste contamination to surrounding areas.
The environmental benefits of recycling can be significant. In the United States of America, current estimates show that if all the concrete and asphalt pavement waste that is generated annually were recycled, the energy saving would be the equivalent of removing more than one million cars from the road. This energy saving mainly comes from reducing the consumption of natural resources, such as mining crushed stone or extracting and refining petroleum.
Besides environmental benefits, recycling CDW has several economic benefits for the real estate industry, the community and governments.
·         Recycling CDW onsite reduces the material hauling and disposal costs
·         Regular recycling pick-up of material from the construction sites can keep the sites cleaner and increase work efficiency and safety
·         As awareness increases about the importance of green building, the fact that effective CDW recycling is practiced, is a business advantage for environmentally conscious customers who are looking for this practice
·         Costs  of purchasing recycled material is lower than using virgin materials
·         Given the rapid expansion of Dubai, there is the need to conserve the use of space needed for landfills. Valuable land can be used more effectively
·         Using recycled CDW limits the costs related with managing air and water pollution, energy use
·         There are reduced costs of extraction, processing and transportation of virgin raw materials
The use of recycled CDW can save money for governments and business, save energy, conserve diminishing resources of virgin materail and extend the lifespan of limited landfill capacity.