Letter from ARC General Manager

Technology plays a major role in today's business environment. So many companies and corporations have adopted information technology by using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to accomplish their business transaction and data processing needs. And in this technology SAP plays a significant role when compared with other similar tools.

SAP is organized with the concept that a business operates as a series of processes, which means that the company implementing SAP may have to change and reorganize itself to properly fit with SAP and use it effectively. Any Change in life is difficult. But we should understand that change is the symbol of life, any entity stops changing and is static, is dead. It is true with the organizations too; if we need to grow we need to do different things consistently & efficiently. It is very important for the growing organizations to have a strong psyche for finding newer ways of doing things more efficiently. In this process our adaptation to SAP requirements is vital not only to ARC but to the whole Al Rostamani organization.

Change is not a choice but a compulsion. Here I emphasis the importance of the change management team in the implementation of SAP. You need to ensure close cooperation with all the users, show them the advantage of SAP, and motivate them for their acceptance and cooperation. Motivation is not a single strategy, for every individ-ual motivation factors are different. Change management teams need to understand these and apply it accordingly with each and every user.

Apart from the operational efficiency SAP brings credibility to the organization. Our stake holders especially business partners look up to us with respect, as an organization with authenticated business processes, efficient technology, and investment for systematic future growth. No system, however excellent can be complete without the zeal, commitment and cooperation of all the people involved in the process. Hence I believe you all are the most important entities of this whole SAP process. Seeing the past commitment I am sure that we have the right team who understands the importance of an ERP like SAP and rightly deserves it.


Mohammed Zameer
ARC General Manager
(Tamkeen, Volume 1, Issue 8, March 17 2009)